Premium Trading is an importer of food products for fast or traditional catering, adapted to the French market and the distribution of resellers.

Our clientele is therefore mainly composed of wholesalers, cash and carry, central purchasing, catering chains and agri-food manufacturers.

And because their satisfaction is our priority, we are committed to listening to their needs.


Our many product ranges allow us today to be the supplier par excellence of distributors of fast and traditional catering. We can meet many needs and offer you a wide range of quality products.

So if you are a supplier of restaurant chains, shops, bakeries or wholesaler specialized in boul pat, we will be delighted to offer you professional products adapted to the French market.

Central purchasing bodies

You manage purchases for your independent wholesale customers or for a set of distributors and you want to offer new quality professional products, we will be delighted to present you all our product ranges that can meet all the needs of your customers.

Cash and Carry

Specialized in wholesale and do you have a point of sale where your customers travel to pick up their goods?

You are in the right place since we offer specialized products for sectors such as yours: the sale of complete pallets, barcodes, packaging, labelling, sachets, …


If you have a production activity related to the processing of the material, intended mainly for human consumption, and you then market these industrial products through distribution channels such as wholesalers, retail shops or supermarkets, we are able to help you.

So if you want to mass produce goods through the processing of our products, contact us!

Catering chains

To date, we do not deal directly with restaurateurs, in fact, it would amount to marketing with our customers’ customers.

However, we are able to offer our different ranges of products to major brands as well as catering chains since our role is to supply in large quantities.


You are an independent restaurateur but you are interested in our products? we will be happy to be able to redirect you to one of our customers.

You do not recognize yourself among our customers but you have an organization comparable to that of a wholesaler? Do you want to buy in large quantities? Don’t worry, we are constantly listening to your needs and are constantly looking for ways to satisfy your requests.

Contact us and we will inform you as best we can!